Farm Photo Tour & Recipe: Zucchini “Pasta” Salad with Tomatoes, Torn Basil and Walnuts

The nutty, fresh flavors of August in this recipe, will knock your socks off! Yesterday I made this light and wonderfully fresh recipe and I cant wait to share it with you! It is the perfect lunch or supper side and it is made with vibrant, fresh garden veggies!

 Muggy warm mornings and hot humid evenings, signal that it is truly the dog days of summer at Fargo Holstein’s Farm here in Wisconsin, making chore times the inevitable shirt covered in sweat, face red from work, twice a day routine. 

The month of August is a busy and rewarding time of year for farmers, and gardeners, but the work is hard and hot. Crops are being harvested and hay mows and silos are being filled, while gardens are at peak production for produce.cows and sunset

August on the Farm:
Did you know that traditionally the farming season began on “Plow day” which was January 1st in England, and it ended on the first day of August also known as “Lammas Day”, or the “Old World Thanksgiving Day”. – I bet you didn’t!

I sure didn’t!

Lammas Day was celebrated with great fervor in the rural communities of this country until Lincoln declared a National Thanksgiving Day in 1863, and with it came the disappearance of Lammas Day from our calendar’s, a tradition our English and Scottish forefathers enthusiastically celebrated.veggiesandbarn

      “Dry August, and warmth doth harvest no harm”
August is also known as the “drought month” in agriculture, a hot dry month of harvests and hopes of rain to help finish out crops. Here on our farm, the pastures are holding out for now, but the cows would rather eat hay out of the feeder, than work that hard walking down to the lower pastures to graze.

Yes, that is my husband straddling the ridge of the milk house roof on a ladder. I wont even tell you how he painted the tippy top, peaks of the tall sides! My husband often has a quote he says, something about “Never getting anything done if you don’t take a few risks”…or something like that. All I know is that his “getting things done” gives me grey hairs watching him take those risks!

We started off the month with a big project!


Ever since we bought this farm 13 years ago, we have wanted to fix up the old falling apart dairy barn, and finish the restoration project with a fresh coat of beautiful barn red paint and pure white trim to put the icing on the cake, if you will!

(Above) This was our barn about a year ago….rusty roof, leaning sides and in desperate need of paint! Not to mention, it was in no way ready to be a working dairy barn yet!

(Below) Now here we are in August, almost a year of dairy-farming later and the BIG RESTORATION PROJECT nearly complete!

10B61B61-E4E9-49CE-A157-66BFCA457F53There’s still a few barn boards that need to be replaced after pulling the barn back onto its foundation, and there’s still some hard to reach trim, that needs a fresh coat of white paint. But we are so happy with how much we’ve been able to fix on this great building!

I finally feel a sense of the project being finished! It’s been a long year full of hard work, and adjusting our life to fit around the dairy-farming, and to have accomplished this big project and visibly see the results, brings me so much joy! Which is silly considering all that we have done this last year! But I guess it kind of completes the look of the farm!


Before I share my recipe with you, here are a few more pictures I snapped around our farm to give you a little “tour”.

             Apples turning red, a daily reminder of that next season that is around the corner!                    ” No! No! Autumn go away! I am not ready for you yet!”
My view from the veggie garden.
Chipand Nasturtiums
We have a new puppy on the farm too! He came from a sweet family in Iowa, and the kids and I had a fun day road tripping over there to get him! We named him Chip! He is a smart, sweet Rat Terrier and he has learned to “sit” “lay down” “beg” come” and “shake” on command already! I just love this glam shot of him!
The chickens eating a giant over grown zucchini! I don’t know where those monster zucchini’s come from, but all of a sudden there they are!


                                                  Laney wishing she could swing all by herself….                                                    Doesn’t this kind of feel like those horrible slide shows that some of us “might” remember having to sit through at a family gathering?                          Next picture please….
Our beef calf keeping an eye on the dairy cows.
Carter and Shena in the pasture. I call her Barbie! She’s so pretty!


Yesterday I made this light and wonderfully fresh recipe and I cant wait to share it with you! It is the perfect lunch or supper side and it is made with vibrant, fresh garden veggies! If you like anything with pesto in it, this has a hint of that taste in it, but sooooo much more going for it! 

The nutty, fresh flavors of August in this recipe, will knock your socks off! zoodles

Zucchini “Pasta” with Tomatoes, Torn Basil and Walnuts

What you will need:

8 ounces Cherry Tomatoes sliced in half
1 garlic clove, thinly sliced
1/4 cup of chopped walnuts                                            


3 Tablespoons of torn fresh basil leaves
3 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sea Salt to taste
1 Large Zucchini
Step #1. In a medium size bowl, combine sliced tomatoes, sliced garlic, walnuts, torn basil leaves and the olive oil.
Add Sea salt to taste. Let stand while you make the zoodles!
Step #2. Thinly slice or use a zoodle maker, to make your zucchini “pasta”. Toss all ingredients together and serve!

zoodles3                  I hope you liked your “tour” and give this recipe a try! You will love it!

Let me know what you think! And boy it feels good to be blogging again! Thanks for reading! Much more to come soon! More blogs, more pictures, more RECIPES! 

AND the Fall edition of “Your Best Magazine” and something else I can’t tell you about yet!!!!!!! eeeeeeeeekkkkkkk!

love -J



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