It’s A Girl!

If you are a parent yourself, you know just how fast this newborn baby stage goes by and cherishing this time, even the lack of sleep in the wee hours of the morning with a fussing baby time, you learn to love it all as a rite of passage for your new one and the family too!

The End Of “Just The Four Of Us”

~Life changes, but memories don’t.
The ability to tell a story through a single image is something I have always loved and have tried to do with my artwork, paintings and drawings mostly, but to capture the feel of a moment and to portray what it is to be in that moment with a picture has consumed my creative energy lately!

Fargo Creamery Open For Business

That is much of the draw to living the country life and you really do end up living out those peaceful moments in your day to day on the farm. But it is also the security one gains from NOT relying on others to feed or provide for their family and this creates a distance from the chaos and demands of the world and a place for your kids to explore and learn in nature.

Step #1. Ask yourself, are you LAZY?

The majority of people would rather rely on others to provide what they need to eat and live. Most people would rather “live life” than spend it “working that hard”. How about you? What if things got so bad that we didn’t have others providing milk, bread and heat for our homes? You can start today! No matter where you live, city or country THIS IS THE FIRST STEP!

Just Another Day On The Farm

Did you grow up in the country? What are the memories you have from that experience and how did it change you?

Before The Sun Goes Down

Cleaning up around the homestead each Spring is something we are getting better at as we get older. I remember when we were first married we would let things lay around outside, looking rough well into the summer before we would get to them, busy with????? What did we do before kids?

In Print!

The Yellow Farmhouse on the Hill in print! I was very excited to be a part of Best Life Ministry’s, Your Best magazine Spring edition and contribute with an article, pictures and seeing The Yellow Farmhouse on the Hill in print has been so fun!

Berry Cream Cake & Greek Salad Platter

Putting together beautiful food to serve my family is something I enjoy so much and these two quick recipes look like they took hours to create but only take a matter of minutes to assemble! They are so simple you will LOVE making them!

Ready! Or Not?

I wish I could help my husband more with this project. I am really not good at being pregnant. I feel blessed and thankful for each moment that I have a healthy life kicking away in me, but I am just the most restless pregnant woman! I have this list in my head of things I would love to be getting done and it is a constant struggle to slow down and take my time on getting one small “project” done each day.

Fresh Mozzarella From Our Homestead Dairy

Once you’ve made a batch of fresh homemade cheese from your own cow’s milk, straight off of your own farm, there is no going back! It is such a gratifying and captivating process with the result being homemade country goodness for your family to enjoy at the next meal! If it lasts that long!

Cranberry Orange Scones

Dear friends eating healthy, gluten free and the sugar free crash dieters in my life….They really do taste as great as they look…its that orange glaze!